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Professional Dog Training in Westchester NY

The Art Of K9 is the premier Westchester dog training facility and is renowned across New York as your LAST stop in behavior modification, obedience training, and aggression issues. Our common sense approach to dog training makes us stand out among the pack—not only in Westchester County but nationwide. We're known for successfully rehabilitating a variety of different dogs regardless of size, breed, or problem. And we truly enjoy the "problem cases" where people have been to numerous trainers and have been told there is no hope. With the right strategies and information, there is always hope. Come to the best location for dog training in Westchester, NY.

We offer multiple comprehensive dog training options ranging from Private Lessons, to our highly sought after Board and Train Programs, and of course helping you with all of your Puppy Training needs. Our dog training programs are based on the concept of building a solid relationship of trust and respect between you and your dog, and are all tailored to your specific goals and needs.

To help us better assist you, please take the time to look around and familiarize yourself with our work, training methods and prices. Then, please head over to our Contact Page and fill out the Contact Form. Once completed we will reach out to you shortly!

Popular Dog Training Services in Westchester, NY


Comprehensive private lesson packages for you and your dog. Appropriate for dogs 20 weeks and older.


Our world class board & train programs in Westchester are one of the fastest most efficient ways to see results.


Start your puppy off right and prevent unwanted behaviors! We offer multiple puppy training programs.


Our structured dog daycare services are offered to training clients only. This is a great way to keep up with training maintenance.


Another client only benefit. Leaving town? What better place to board your dog than the best training company in Westchester.

Training videos

See what our clients are saying



It was a huge difference just after one session with walking Hank on a leash. He now walks calmly next to us where I’m barely holding the leash....



He took her for a five week board and train where we saw dramatic results after. He taught her and us commands to meet people and other animals that have given Pucky a new lease on life...



I can now take her on walks without fearing I would have her lash out out if someone got too close. We have been able to have people come over and safely have her interact and not have to put her in her kennel.....

See what our clients are saying

  • I had been to three different trainers in the Tri-State area to stop my German Shepard from barking at every siren and garbage truck that went by. Unfortunately, I had no luck.

    A friend from work told me about the Art of K9 so I decided to try it out. Angelo is very knowledgeable and I felt extremely safe leaving my German Shepard with him. I had results in less than a week! My dog is now calmer and happier in general. Really glad I heard about the art of K9 and definitely recommend their services!!!

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    samantha weiss

  • One of the most talented trainers in Westchester. My dog had a total 360 turn around!

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    Yuriy Kata

  • I moved to Dobbs Ferry area about 5 months ago. As a result of my job I needed someone who I could depend on and trust with walking my dogs for the days I was stuck late at work. I found “The Art of K-9“ and spoke with Angelo in regards to setting up a time for him to meet my two German Shepherds. I explained my concerns regarding my 8 year old shepherd who was NOT dog friendly and he assured me there would be no issues considering his extensive background dealing with dog aggression.

    After a bit I decided to try private lessons with Angelo after a few weeks to try to improve not only my anxiousness about encountering other dogs but to improve her mental state. I knew that I was part of the problem but I did not know how to fix it. In the first two lessons I was hesitant because I was afraid something bad would happen but I learned to really trust Angelo and his guidance (it was more me than him). He pushed not only me out of my comfort zone but Nadja as well. He taught me how to pick up on different indicators Nadja would display right before she would put on a full display of reactivity.

    I can’t tell you how amazing it was to be able to walk her one the lease without pulling as much as she did and to see the overall the improvement in her general obedience. We even got her to the point where I went to areas where I knew there were more dogs and we passed with maybe 1 or 2 minor issues!!! Every once in a while she will get a reaction with another dog over on me BUT that is because I did not catch the “tell” in time.

    I would definitely recommend Angelo as a dog walker and as a trainer!!! His work amazing with Nadja. BUT as the owner you have to put the time in outside of the lessons and continue with it. Doing it in lessons is not enough. The more I practice the drills with Nadja, the better she does overall and the less stress I have with her. There is a video of Nadja’s progression posted on his website if you are interested in seeing her transformation.

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    k bee

  • Great service, top notch attention and care. Recommend highly

    Google stars

    Corey Rockower

  • Thanks to Angelo’s expert knowledge in obedience training and positive reinforcement, my black lab no longer relieves itself on my dining room table. I recommend him for any dog owner.

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    Benjamin Frohm

  • I highly commend The Art of K9, and the great job Angelo did with our Shepsky storm. We took her back in August 2017 when she was almost 6 months and a terror lol. I signed her up for his then 4 week Board and Train program. And the man worked miracles. I couldn’t recognize her when we went to pick her up.
    Storm was very energetic and showed alot of Alpha Female tendencies she was very aggressive with other dogs and loved jumping on people.

    When we got her back all these bad habits were gone.

    Here we are May 2018 and Storm is still responding and behaving well to her commands. What also is great is the follow up sessions you get with Angelo. Its like when you take your car for a tune-up and Storm is right back to the way she is when we picked her up.

    So I can honestly say if it wasn’t for Angelo we would have most likely given up Storm because of her behavior. But it all worked out.

    Google stars

    Willie Abad

  • Great service. Very knowledgeable. Friendly.

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    Logan Pratt

  • We adopted our dog Puck from the Manhattan ACC about 4 years ago. A few months in she started exhibiting fear aggression towards both people and other dogs. We had a few actual bites and were at a loss over what to do. We started working with a trainer in Brooklyn while we lived in the city and when we moved out to Westchester reached out to a handful of trainers who claimed they worked with aggressive dogs all of which said they would not take on our case once we explained our situation. We then found Angelo- THANK GOD! He spent an hour on the phone with us learning about Pucky the very first call and we knew immediately that he was someone who was very passionate not only about his business but about dogs and their owners. He took her for a five week board and train where we saw dramatic results after. He taught her and us commands to meet people and other animals that have given Pucky a new lease on life and what we can do with her as far as interactions go. We have continued now with structured day care, boarding and private lessons over the last year. While we will never have the “perfect” dog she has come so far and has made us feel more comfortable expanding our family with twins arriving this Fall. He is always there to help us out with advice and is scheming up new ways to help her even when she is not in training with him. THANK YOU ANGELO for all that you do!

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    Natalia Ingerson

  • I needed e collar training for my dog and achieved amazing results thru Skype training.

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    Shay Pratt

  • We adopted Bailey when she was around 12 weeks old. Very quickly we started to see behaviors that would cause problems for her and us since we had our first baby on the way. So around 5-6 months old BAiley went to her first board and train with Angelo. Now when we dropped her off I don’t even think she knew her name. She was the stubborn, showed signs of food aggression, fear aggression, and was was impossible to walk.
    Fast forward 4 weeks to the end of her board and train. She responded to her name, and knew all her basic commands (sit, down, here, etc) her food aggression was gone, and we were able to take walks with her again.
    Fast forward almost two years. We had a baby who took over a lot of our time and we let Bailey slip into bad habits. Now don’t get me wrong Bailey still responded well to all her commands which was great in the house but completely ignored us outside and started regressing back into her aggressive burst with strangers, she became impossible to leave out when guest came over. Especially Impossible to walk or even take in the car with us. She wanted to devour anyone she saw.
    So we took bailey back for her second board and train to work on this developed issue. This time we did a 3 week board and train and couldn’t have been happier with the results!

    Angelo taught her different commands/reactions to safely introduce her to people. I can now take her on walks without fearing I would have her lash out out if someone got too close. We have been able to have people come over and safely have her interact and not have to put her in her kennel.

    All in all we are beyond ecstatic with Angelo’s services and the amazing care he took of our Bailey. I would recommend Angelo to anyone looking for help with their dog!

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  • Angelo was referred to me by a good friend who had a dog that was amazingly trained!

    I boarded our 18month rescue dig with Angelo for 6 weeks, it was the best decision for not only me but also Koda our dog! The training is so important and Koda responded to it so well. If you need to have your dog assessed and trained by one of the best I cannot recommend The Art of K9 enough! Thanks again

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    James Ambler

  • Angelo is great with working Hank! We enlisted him to help us with basic training for our new puppy so that we would have better leash control with walking and working on basic commands. It was a huge difference just after one session with walking Hank on a leash. He now walks calmly next to us where I’m barely holding the leash. I would highly recommend him for training with your pet, not only did our pup learn a lot but so did we!

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    Tarra Sturman

  • Angelo was recommended, through our local dog park, as a trainer who manages aggressive animals. Initially, his methods seemed like too big a step for our dog, who’s basically acts out from fear. But we quickly realized Angelo is a unique trainer.

    He has a practical feel for communicating to pets that are easily frightened, not socially adapted, or who worry about their place in an uncertain world. Angelo set up the Art of K9 facility to help these hard to socialize animals learn new skills. The space is open and communal well supervised. That give the animals the space to be themselves; but they do it in an a strictly structured setting. That removes most of what worries dogs. And that’s the point.

    Also, Angelo’s follow up is excellent. He is always available by text. And his boarding is top notch.

    My wife and I recommend the Art of K9 highly!

    Google stars

    Jonathan Blum

  • When I decided to get a Siberian Husky, I started researching dog trainers. I found Angelo and have not been disappointed. He continues to equip me with foundational tools to help shape my puppy into the well trained dog I want him to be.

    Angelo is extremely knowledgeable and easily modifies training to fit my pup and I. He is extremely professional with a very calming presence that has made my pup and I very comfortable working with him.

    I am looking forward to his board and train program because I know my pup will gain all the skills I want him to have as we work toward our end goal of working with children.

    Google stars

    Pamela Boulware

  • Angelo is a great dog trainer , who has magically transformed our golden doodle Rocky from a super active and jumpy dog into a calm , well behaved and obedient family dog in 3 weeks ! Now , Rock follows directions well, can happily sit down on the mat without any toy or bone , just patiently watching us eating or talking or kids playing around in the house. This is amazing , totally changed our lives . I wish I had found Angelo K9 dog training earlier .

    We are very grateful to Angelo and his team for making Rocky finally become a good member of ours. We can really enjoy his company while watching TV, cooking , eating or playing .O has the best dog walking time with Rocky after the training . He is not pulling anymore , just walking next to me . following me , so nice !

    Basically , Rocky can just do almost anything we want him to do and come anywhere we like him to be ! It is a wonderful experience, a total life changer , money well spent !

    Angelo is very sweet and caring for our dog . He loves Rocky. He understands client’s needs well and is extremely knowledgeable with solving various problems your dog has . We are very happy with the results . He is the best dog trainer I have ever had.

    I highly recommend every dog owner should seriously consider K9 when comes dog training . Even better , they provide dog day care and overnight boarding services for skill maintenance too . We are sending Rocky back there when we are away or day cares for sure in the near future . Thank you.:).

    Google stars

    Helen Woods

  • Angelo did an amazing job working with my German Shepherd puppy while providing him a solid foundation. Initially, my dog was very reactive and anxious, but now he’s significantly calmer and more obedient. He was impossible to walk before his 2-week board and train, and now I can walk him with ease. Angelo was friendly, knowledgeable, and always there to help with our pup, even after the board and train. I’m very happy with the help Angelo provided and also how much more attentive my dog is. I highly recommend taking your dog here!

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