Dog Daycare in Westchester, NY

Structure and freedom—those are the words that most accurately capture the spirit of our dog daycare
in Westchester, NY
. For any behavior modification to stick for a truly significant amount of time, training must become a part of you and your dog’s lives. Anything less than that, and it’ll be nothing more than a temporary fix. That’s why our dog daycare aims to provide a familiar space where learning can be reinforced—all without abandoning fun and excitement! Your dog will enjoy thriving in an active environment while staying balanced with the rest of our pack.

To be eligible for our dog daycare services, your dog must have completed some type of training service with us, whether that is private lessions or a board and train. This way when dropped off we can continue to reinforce and maintain your dog’s training, so they can continue to learn and become a true and balanced member of our pack.

DayCare Pricing

  • Half Day (less than 6 hours): $30
  • Full Day: $40
  • 10 Days: $300
  • Unlimited: $500 Per Month