Private Dog Training in Westchester, NY

Private Dog Training or In Home Dog Training lessons are great for owner's that are seeking extra attention, and are interested in learning more in depth about our training process. Typical sessions run approximatley one hour, so it is crucial to put in the time and effort outside the training center to reach your end goals. On occasion, if we feel that the owner would be better off with a board and train style training or a hybrid of both we will come up with a customized plan to your liking. We conduct our private dog training lessons in our Westchester, NY, training facility—but it can then be finished up in the comfort of your home by request!

For issues such as dogs fighting in home or aggression, please check out our board & train programs!

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Dog training - Westchester


Single lessons: $200 Per Hour
Three lessons: $540
Five lessons: $850

*Price Does NOT Include Any Training Supplies Needed

The Seven Day Starter Program

We know that not everyone want's to enroll their dog in our board & train program's, so this is a great middle ground that will get you results! Your dog will board with us for six nights, where we will get a head start on all of your goals. On the seventh day you will have a go home lesson where we will transfer all information to you. This is NOT for serious behavioral issues. For serious behavioral issues such as aggression, please check out our board & train options! Our Seven Day Starter Program is for someone that just wants to get started learning our system, has a minor issue or two they need to focus in on, or just wants to learn some basic obedience commands. Your entire program will be customized to your liking based upon your goals!

-1 Session, 1 to 1.5 hours
-Includes E-collar & Prong Collar
Price: $1,500

Dog training - Westchester
Dog training - Westchester


We will really focus in on that calm walk you've always dreamed of! This package is not for severe leash reactivity . Your dog will stay at our spacious facility for three night's, and in return you will have a dog that heel's besides you. No more pulling or lunging. The Dream Walk comes with one go home lesson to transfer all information to the owner, and one e-collar included in pricing.

-Includes One Lesson, 1 to 1.5 hours
-Includes One E-collar & Prong Collar
Price: $720