Dog Training Consultations in Westchester County, NY

The Art Of K9’s dog training consultations in Westchester County, NY, are conducted by
Canine Behavior Specialist Angelo Presta. Consults with dog owners can cover various areas of behavior such as socialization, anxiety, reactivity and aggression. If you’re not sure which of our dog training programs are right for you, or you are looking to get answers to some questions prior to signing up for training, we also recommend a dog training consult.

These 60-minute, in-person dog training consults will take place at our training center in Westchester. This is a chance for you to talk to Angelo about what behaviors you are experiencing with your dog, what your training expectations, are and to also figure out which of our training programs is right for you. Consults are for discussion only—no hands-on training will take place. However, you are welcome to have your dog present during the consult.

PRICE: $250 
Should you choose to move forward with a Board and Train after the consult, the consult fee will go
towards your Board and Train program.


Please view and fill out our contact form. Once received and accepted, you will receive a phone call for scheduling & payment. The full payment is due in order to secure your reservation.